BEHIND THE SCENES. New Product Lines!

Its Friday, 5pm - the weekend has officially started...and boy, could we all do with a weekend getaway! It's just been go, go, go here at HQ this week. It's the run up to Christmas (I know, we're using that word already!) and we've got lots of new products to go online, in store and at the Manchester Christmas Markets - yep, we're going all out this year! So, because we're so giddy, and awful at keeping secrets, we thought we'd let you have a sneak peak behind the scenes before the new lines officially go on sale! If everything goes to plan, all lines will be added online by the middle of next week. So keep a close eye on our socials, cause as soon as they are ready for you guys, we'll be shouting it from the roof tops! So, you ready? Here we go... 

After receiving so many messages from you guys who are missing the pick and mix online, we knew we had to bring it back...but better than ever!! We've picked our absolute favourites, I mean how can you say no to strawberry milkshakes??

Retro classics such as flying saucers are being brought up to date the Laura's way! Our beautiful sweet jars have proved so popular, that we knew we had to expand the range! We've got six new jar products on their way to you! 

As well as childhood favourites, we've sourced the very best unusual sweets to add into the mix. Say it with sweets is our new phrase, and what better way to let someone know that you luuuurrrrve them than with mouthwatering love heart marshmallows? The way to someone's heart is through their stomach....or so I've heard.  

Here's a sneak peak at one of our completed jars. A joyous, delicious mix of our very favourite fizzy, foam and jelly sweets! You can't tell me your mouths not watering just at the site of it. The jars really do make the perfect sweet gift for someone special, or as a cheeky mid-week treat to yourself...we don't judge!

To go with our new product lines, we've had new labels designed. Just look at them!!! We're so in love. Our signature pheasant will always be the heart of the brand, so Mr. Pheasant has took centre stage here. 

 We just can't help ourselves!! Here's another quick peak at one of our new lines. Retro classics are back! We've brought all our childhood classics together, in one perfect jar. Think LoveHearts, Parma Violets, Refreshers and Giant Marshmallows! 

Go on then, just because we love you! Here's the last sneak peak you guys are going to get from me tonight! YOU'RE OUT OF THIS WORLD with a whole jar of the best childhood classics - flying saucers!!! This cheeky little jar really would make the perfect gift for a significant other, or an ice-breaker for that office crush! Who would you send a jar too?

Right, that's it guys!!! No more spoilers from us! We've hope you've enjoyed this little behind the scenes picture tour, and are now as giddy as we are to get your hands on the new products!!! We'll be updating you all on all our new developments in the run up to Christmas - trust us, there's a lot of exciting things coming up at Laura's! 

Have a wonderful weekend!  

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