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BLACK FRIDAY MADNESS! The Sale Event of the Year

BLACK FRIDAY MADNESS! The Sale Event of the Year

Nobody panic...I said nobody panic! Hang on tight to those purse strings people, because the madness of Black Friday is upon us! It's the weekend sale event that gets everyone excited to a scary level - everyone in the UK puts out their best offers and discounts to offer their very best to their customers. It's payday, there's only 5 WEEKENDS TILL CHRISTMAS (how has that happened already?!) sooooo it's the perfect time to crack out those Christmas lists, and get good old Auntie Judith the most magical Crimbo gift!


Now, we're going to be really honest with you all here guys. Independent business owners aren't actually that keen on Black Friday, so much so that a lot of small businesses have chosen to ignore it this year, with the hashtag #noblackfriday being used to campaign against the annual sale craze. It's a known fact that larger retailers hike up their prices just in time for Black Friday, so that crazy good discount you think you're getting on that fabulous new soup maker? It isn't always that good a saving. Just stay safe on Black Friday, do your research and keep your head -- because there are some good ol' bargains to be had!  

Here at Laura's, we just had to join in the madness of it all! We always offer our customers the fairest price we can throughout the entire year, but we're not one to miss out on all the fun! So, as an online exclusive we are offering 15% OFF ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING....and FREE SHIPPING on all your orders. Oh, we do spoil you! So, from today, till Monday midday this offer stands on all of our items available online. All you have to do to obtain your discount is enter the code SALE15, that's SALE15 at the checkout. Remember, SALE15 people! 

We do have the most amazing (and bloomin' delicious) products available, and with both our fudge and sweet jars packed by hand, by us, we can guarantee a long shelf life on our products. So EVERYTHING online will still be as amazing at Christmas. It really is the perfect opportunity to grab yourself stocking fillers that are guaranteed a smile! 

So, spread the word for us -- let you're friends and family know, and keep us ridiculously busy this weekend with all of your scrumptious orders!

Have an amazing weekend guys!

And happy bargain hunting!  



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