*Insert fanfair tune here* WE ARE BACK BABBBBBY, and more consistent than ever! This evening is the first post in our blog relaunch, and we promise it won’t be three months till our next one….we really, really promise.

From now on, every Friday at 5pm, you can cuddle down with your electronic device of choice, and feast your eyes on a new post from your favourite confectionery chums!

We’ll be bringing you a right ol’ mix of content to keep things interesting. From updates on new business ventures; sneak peaks and behind the scenes looks from HQ, to posts on our favourite recipes. We are really going for a carefree content writing style, to be able to give our wonderful company an honest voice and to start creating meaningful conversations with you guys! We want to create a community, a place to spark discussion for all of us who, plain and simply, just LOVE LOVE LOVE all things sweet.

First things first then, let's check in! I feel like we owe you all an update…so, come on, where have we been for so long? Well, 2017 has been an incredible one for the Laura’s team. We’ve opened a new shop for one...

Isn't she a beauty! We are so proud to be growing Laura's, and adding our unique pop of pink to new cities across England! Our new store in York Designer Outlet holds an ever changing mix of what we believe are our most LOVED products....just new and improved! Our fudge is now available in a new 'cut and share' style bar...


And we're so delighted with our new luxury jar range. We think they just give traditional favourites a fresh new appeal...What do you guys think? 


As our stores have expanded, so has our team! We're SO SO HAPPY to welcome brand new faces into our company! 


To say we've had a busy few months would be a tad of an understatement - most of the team are running on seriously high levels of caffeine and sugar right now. But we all just genuinely love what we do! With the run up to Christmas now in full swing, we are only going to get busier - and we cannot wait to show you guys what we have in store for the festive season!

So...yeah! We are so excited to be back on the blogging scene! Every Friday at 5pm we'll be posting our giddy updates on all things Laura's! Please, join in and start some conversation - otherwise, you know, we're sat here rambling to myself every week! If you sign up to our email subscription, you'll get a little weekly reminder of the blog (we won't clog up your inbox, we swear!) as well as exclusive discounts and offers...and a cheeky 10% off your first online order as a thank you too!

Have a fabulous weekend everyone!

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