Meet the Team

Meet the Laura's team who work behind the scenes to deliver delicious treats to your door.

Our Team



Laura is THE Laura behind the brand, starting her journey in the world of confectionery whilst at university. Laura started selling handmade fudge at food festivals, shows and country fairs around the UK, showcasing the magic of what Laura’s is today. Laura’s favourite product: Scrumptious Salted Caramel Fudge Laura’s role at Laura’s Confectionery: Getting the brand to a letter box near you! The thing Laura loves most about Laura’s: The magic when someone receives a Laura’s box and celebrating the small wins!


Managing Director

Harry is THE backbone to Laura’s. He is also an owner of the brand and has swapped his life of being in the agricultural trade to helping get Laura’s to shelves near you, when he is not sat on our forklift of course! Harry’s favourite product: Pear Drops Harry’s role at Laura’s Confectionery: Making sure Laura does not eat all the Salted Caramel fudge! The thing Harry loves most about Laura’s: Driving the fork lift truck and making sure everything is running as smoothly as our Belgian chocolates!


Quality Control

Mia is our office dog and prides herself on quality control. She also guards the door to make sure no one steals all of our delicious confections! Mia’s favourite product: Butter Fudge that dad (Harry) leaves in the car and Mia can quickly pinch. Mia’s role at Laura’s Confectionery: Giving mum (Laura) cuddles when no one is looking. The thing Mia loves most about Laura’s: Being a team player and pinching lunch from peoples plates!